SpazCat in Virginia

Captains log star date 201403.18  We are on the Potomac river at a place called the Tall Timbers Marina. By we, I mean Robin and me, a friend from the Georgia. We'll be picking up another friend in about two days and stopping at his place to do more work on the boat since the cold weather and snow is not good for some forms of work.

The people here are very friendly. We came in during the tail end of a snow storm/wintry mix. The boat was covered in snow and ice, dripping cold sea water onto us that the waves splashed up. We were both very soaked. The owner here let us stay for free, makes us coffee and loans us his truck if we need to get supplies. Really nice guy. His name is Rick.

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S/V SpazCat

 Just sit right back
And you'll read a tale
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this frozen port
Aboard this tiny ship




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