Captains log 201404.10
We got off to an early start this morning. Tide changed in our favour and we set off shortly after that and some coffee. Put in a long day of traveling finishing up earlier than expected due to that engine issue yet again. The fuel in the starboard tank got low, the system got air in and that was it. We stopped in the middle of a of the ICW in the dark with me hanging over the stern reaching down to try to fix the thing.

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All the information we have on the boat and it's original condition with pictures are contained here. Some of the work we did is also detailed along with pictures.

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Black Saturday Bushfire

The fire on Wikipedia


I was one of the few that took pictures while in the middle of the fire which were passed on to the CSIRO team that was investigating it so they can work out better ways to minimise damage and loss of life. I took the pictures because I was pretty sure we were going to die and I wanted some record of what we went through to be recorded. The plan was to seal the SD card in a water proof bag and place it at the bottom of the SPA which was filled with water. The house was made of stone so was likely to not completely destroy itself. Thankfully, that didn't happen.


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Woes with Yamaha Warranty

The story about our warranty issues starts here. As you all know, we have had a lot of problems with this engine. Starting within 10 hours of use, it started stalling, but the runs between stalls were in the tens of hours so fuel filter changes and fuel fitting changes were done. There was nothing suspicious enough to point to the engine being at fault.
That changed on our way back from North Carolina to Jacksonville. The engine literally left us in life threatening situations.

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