Captains log 201612.20

Forecast for today: less than 1 foot swell from the North, light winds 5-9mph.

The part of Florida South of Palm Beach has about 35 bridges to our destination, Hollywood. Most are North of Boca Raton. That's why I checked the forecast. I checked multiple sources. It seems though that they all get their information from the one source so what we got was the same forecast slightly reworded by different sites.

We exited at West Palm beach and the next available inlet was Boca Raton. We got, 3-6 foot waves from the South, so we were headed right into them and wind was Easterly at about 1 mph so we couldn't even put the sails up and dampen any of it. When I say 3-6 footers, I'm talking over the cabin top high. There is no way they can be less than 1 foot in anyone's language.

The biggest problem was when we got got there it was about 2 foot. After about two hours it increased. We kept going as it's a long way back. Then we got hit with two nearby squalls that generated the 6 footers. Short period nasty stuff. The forecast when we left was cloudy, light winds and near calm water. We got thunderstorms out in the distance, one with a largish funnel, no wind and the crazy waves. All the waves were coming from 180 degree's to the forecast direction. I suspect someone at the bureau saw 6' waves and had dyslexia so read it as 6" waves and wrote in the forecast, "waves less than a foot".  Needless to say, the mil was a complete mess again. The wife is now a veteran at this stuff so just takes it in her stride. As for me, I was just pissed off that I believed the forecast and subjected them to it all.

While we were in the middle of the 6 footers I decided to check the radio weather again. They amended the forecast to an SCA (small craft advisory). No shit, we were in it. A forecast however is meant to tell you in advance not in hindsight. That's what the "fore" in it means.

I saw a guy in a Gemin 3200 (catamaran) sail boat try to sail, he pulled his sails in soon after. His boat was bouncing bow to stern into the water. He had a bigger boat than ours but it sure didn't handle the conditions as good. We only had one wave go over the top and get us a little wet but he was in the drink over and over. Glad I wasn't on that boat!

We pulled into Boca Raton over an hour ago and I just checked passage weather (usually the most accurate) and it is still saying under .5m (less than 1.5 foot) waves. W.T.F.

*Stardate 201612.24 update*

We are currently in Hollywood Florida. The weather is hot and muggy. We're doing a massive boat clean up as it was hard to do good cleaning in the conditions we dealt with for so long. I'll be draining and cleaning the bilges to keep the humidity down. Not that they have much but completely dry is better than sloshing around. We cleaned all the laundry yesterday, including stuff that was just in the storage, simply because this boat has been so humid that much of our gear started to get that moldy smell to it. That's what you get when there's so much rain and condensation for so long. Then we hit warmer weather and boom, a mold/mildew bloom! It wasn't as bad as the time I forgot to open the windows while at the marina and in the heat the whole boat got a fine coat of mold that took a day to clean up. This time it's not really visible but the damp smell was bugging us.

I'll also try to fit a water filter to our tank water. Oddly, we have two filters on the intake for the head but none on our water cooking water supply. Sounds weird. It probably is. What it did for us however is put clean filtered water into the head when flushing which really reduced the smells. Typically little sea bacteria get in and die there causing a foul stench. There is always silt as well. Since putting in the pre-filters we got none of that. I just ran out of time to fit the tank water filters as that is a more complicated job. It's time is due now however.

Our LED lighting that worked kind of well for the trip other than the 3M backing tape not sticking, failed in an interesting way last night. Part of the lights were white, further along the strip they turned crimson. Halfway through the strip they turned red. These LED's were meant to be quality and got good reviews. Possibly by people that used them twice. They are useless for a longer term use situation. I have to find a more suitable solution but for now I'll replace what I have with some more length of the strip since I didn't use all of it.

As it's Christmas Eve we'll also be planning a nice dinner. Not sure what yet.