Captains log 201612.06


We had a rough night at the mosquito lagoon. The wind picked up and we were tossed about like we were in a washing machine. Every now and then the chain would yank hard. I ran only chain as we were expecting thunderstorms. Chain only will give good shielding from lightning as the chain plate is also directly connected tot he main stay and mast so effectively earthing the boat from the top of the mast down. Unfortunately I didn't have enough chain so the waves would occasionally pull it straight-ish and we'd get a loud jarring as the anchor held us back.


I won't get into the physics of anchoring but to fix the problem I needed to let out more line which in our case was 5/8 double braided nylon, so that when the waves picked the boat p there would be enough angle and weight on the chain to hold it back without actually relying on the anchor that much. It worked. I let out about 30 more feet for a total of 60 half of which was chain. The jarring stopped but the washing machine motion didn't. We were tossed around till morning till we all felt like we were a salad.


I made breakfast as fast as I could. Ham, eggs, tortilla and cheese. I didn't want to do bacon with the bouncing and the extra time it would have taken. After that we were out of there and into about 20-25 knots of head wind. It wasn't too bad in the lagoon but when we passed the bridge and into the Indian river, things took a turn for the worse. Now there was miles of fetch for the waves to build. Luckily as I said to the girls, the water was very shallow (2-6 feet) around the channel so the waves couldn't get big. What they did do was get steep and short. So it wasn't so much the p and down motion but the spray that was really hitting us. I got pretty wet and salt covered. I cleaned my sunglasses about 10 times to get rid of the salt spray.


Eventually we were getting close to the marina we wanted to stay at. There were thunderstorms all around but we hadn't been hit by anything other than light drizzle so far. That changed as we came in to dock. Literally as we came into the dock the weather went from warm and dry to torrential down pour. The wife was at the front handling the lines and got soaked in seconds. The guy on the dock was soaked. I tried to handle the stern lines and got soaked. The guy on the dock yells out, "it's good for now, lets sort it out after this passes". Fine by me. He went and I sorted everything out in the rain. Free shower. cant complain. It was warm water too.


We all sat around wondering what to do next. We were getting hungry but I was soaked and didn't want to do into the boat and make it wet too. So we decided to order pizza. I was going to call Eric from Colonial Beach to order me a pizza but the wife told me to leave him alone and stop being stupid or something like that.


There's a story behind that. A few months ago I was at Stepps Marina with Kim and I wanted a pizza. So I asked Kim if he had Eric's phone number. Eric is another guy at the marina we know and he'd gone home several hours earlier. He said yes, dialed Eric and passed me the phone. I convinced Eric to order the two of us a pizza to be delivered to the marina. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what this crazy Aussie was up to but to his credit he did it anyway. I still have no idea what he ordered but it was great. Before anyone asks, no, Eric didn't pay for it. He just ordered it and I did it for a laugh, but damn that pizza was good.


This pizza was ok. Not like the "Eric special" though. Still, it beats cooking after being in total crap for hours and then getting soaked in the rain. We're all relaxing now as we are all sleep deprived from last night. Tomorrow we head out to Cocoa Beach to visit Major Nelson. ok, sure he might not be there and Jeanie probably isn't either but we will get to see a real rocket launch while sipping wine on out yacht tomorrow night. Sounds so cool and romantic doesn't it? While it will be cool, I do believe there is a cold front on its way, the reality of boating life and what people think it's like are often two completely different things. Still, we're all looking forward to watching a rocket launch from the JFK Space Center while just sitting on our yacht (sounds better than boat) and drinking wine.