Captains log 201612.05


We pulled up at Adventure Harbor Marina yesterday. We needed water and to do laundry. On the water that means a Marina. When we got here I asked the guy how far the shopping areas were. 5.4 miles return. Well, it was 2:47 pm when we left to go there. We got back about 5 pm. We walked all the way there and I managed to get the runs. Don't make me explain that. Not much fun. We found a 7-11 about a mile up and I managed to make it in time. We kept walking the rest of the distance (1.4 miles) to the Publix shopping center. Got our stuff and on the way back saw a bus stop. Just sms the location and it tells you when the next bus is coming. Within 7 minutes we were on the buss but it only went about a mile on Sundays. So we cut the return part down almost a half.


It doesn't sound like much but walking over 4 miles carrying shopping isn't an easy task. I walk around barefoot most of the time but took sandals with me this time as public stores have "dress" codes and the like. Those straps left me with nasty blisters across the tops of my feet. I should have just carried the damned sandals to the store.


This morning we left Adventure marina just South of Daytona after doing laundry and a few house (boat) keeping tasks. I made breakfast for the girls while they did laundry. We bough some ham for sandwiches as we might not be near shops for about four days and lunch is easy with sandwiches. I decided to make a surprise breakfast. Green eggs and ham with some fried mushrooms. We have most of our house kitchen stock on the boat so I can make pretty much anything I could back at the house. Some things are easier on the boat, some things are harder. A little food dye in the eggs turned them bright green and was a good laugh for the morning. After breakfast it was time to get to work.


I found that the battery terminals were getting corroded and had to fix that up temporarily at least. I noticed it because our batteries were no running long enough through the night. I over-sized everything so that the battery capacity should have ran the fridge/freezer for about 3 days non stop. Lately it was tripping the low voltage alarm half way through the night. A quick voltage check confirmed that the loss was at the terminals. Out with the files and it is all back to normal again. The connectors really need to be replaced but for now they will work fine.


We were against the current most of the way to Mosquito Lagoon. We've been here before and to be honest, we never had many mosquitoes while here. Along the way I saw a small shop selling beer and bait by the waters edge. Since we couldn't get beer at the marina we popped in to get some and some bait.


We caught four cat fish most on the fishing rod our friend Ross in Australia sent us as a random gift. He claimed it was for shipping him a T-Shirt. The shipping was far less than the rod so I figured he just wanted to do something for us which was a complete surprise. Ross was one of my students back when I was teaching Electronics Engineering. We just hit it off and have been friends since with a common love of hunting, fishing and the great out doors. That's close to 25 years now. Stupid me however forgot to take photo's of the fish we caught with the rod! I guess we'll just have to get some more. Hey Ross, I took your advice and put bait on the hook. It works much better that way!


We made fish paprikash and later I threw in a blue crab we caught too. The mil doesn't like crabs so I served her meal first then added the crab. It turned out quite delicious. A pretty boring day really which is quite nice for a change. I'm getting really over the non stop excitement and anticipation of what will go wrong next.


The place we're on the hook at is shallow (6 feet) and has a long fetch with possible thunderstorms expected though I can't see any on the weather radar yet. So it might be a bouncy night. Yay. Nothing like riding a bronco dreams in a yacht!  If you've never been in a yacht on anchor in a choppy area, it's a bit like trying to sleep in a bouncing castle while kids are randomly jumping around. You get used to it after a while when fatigue takes enough of a hold that you'd fall asleep on a roller coaster, but up till then it's not that much fun.


Tomorrow morning we'll be in the Titusville area. We'll see how that turns out. There are possible thunder storms  forecast there too but it's a low you can all be 100% guaranteed we'll have one around us while we run around changing the mosquito screens back to windows before the boat gets soaked inside.