Captains log 201611.20

The temperature today for Southern South Carolina, Savannah and the Eastern Empire of Georgia is around 80 degrees F.
The temperature at Savannah airport is 79 degrees.
Thus proclaims the robotic voice of the NOAA radio service.

Well, we're about 5 miles from Savannah and I haven't seen the temperature go above 60F. The wind is howling from the West. Most of our travel is Westward but it seems the larger sounds we cross we get that Westerly on the beam much of the time as we head South as well. Apart from the wind the waves in the sounds spry the deck with water. It's an awesome experience...

The day started with us anchored at Morgan Island SC, where the wild population of Rhesus monkeys are flourishing...deep in the woods as none were visible from the water. I tried with binoculars but saw nothing. We did hear them at night when we anchored. So I randomly took pictures of the area in the hope that one of them I might find a monkey in it. We'll see how that worked out later.

I initially wanted to bypass the majority of these tight windy area's by cutting across the coastline of SC as Morgan Island is right on an inlet to the Atlantic. It would have meant heading directly into the Westerly wind and about 2 foot chop. None of us were particularly feeling like doing that. The forecast the night before was 1 foot waves and 5-10 mph Westerly winds. The amended forecast in the morning was 2 foot waves and 15-20 mph winds gusting to 25-30 mph. There was also a 4pm small craft advisory in effect. As it turns out, that 4pm figure was optimistic and it hit far earlier than they predicted.

So far I'm not impressed with weather forecasts. They have consistently been wrong, often by huge amounts and they get updated regularly with large changed which kind of defeats the purpose of forecasting 24hrs in advance.

The plan for today is to get to Hogans marina in Savannah. There is access to shopping there so we can get supplies, water which we ran out of this morning, fuel which we had to resort to refueling in flight during gale winds via jerry cans and some meat since try as I might, the wife hates the freeze dried meats. I made Sheppard's pie last night which the mil and I loved but the wife didn't. The texture of the meat is the problem. The flavour was good apparently. She like many people has had a long term sinus infection so her taste has changed which makes cooking for her hard. She eats very little as well. All this combines to making it harder to beat this bug.

The wild fires across South Carolina and the "Empire" of Georgia have not helped the wife or any of us either. Why the hell does Georgia refer to itself as the Empire of Georgia anyway? That just sounds so weird when you hear it on a national radio broadcast. If I was working for NOAA I'd change that robotic voice a bit and have it do some deep breathing. Make if sound like Darth Vader giving a weather prediction. At least it would make sense. He is evil so he'd lie about the forecasts. Just before a Nor'Easter hits he could say, "South Carolina is expecting abundant Sunshine with highs in the mid 80's with very light winds and small waves. Please take your boats out rebels, and enjoy this day of truce. We promise not to attack you today. *heavy breath*". After the mike break, the Emperor says, "We don't need to attack. The storm shall wipe out your fleet. Kill the prisoners, in celebration of the rebels impending defeat".

We're hoping to get to the spot where we had great success fishing last time we were here but I can't really say if we will get that far. It's near St Catherine's Sound and a good 50 miles from here and at 10am, still to refuel and shop, I'm figuring we have no hope unless we get flowing with the current all the way which is not going to happen. So I'll look for a spot where we get 4G, update the website and relax.