Captains log stardate: 20161102

Our trip South began three days ago far later than we'd ever imagined due to various issues. The main one the car which set us back three weeks but various other things that slowly added to the delay.

Down sizing from a 2500 sq foot house into a 27 foot sail boat isn't an easy task. As each car load got delivered I was responsible for putting it into the boat. With each load that became increasingly difficult. In the end it became impossible. Some things we gave away, some things we threw away in the hope of making it all work. Work out it did. practical it is not. It'll take some time to remember where everything went and to reorganise things so that more often used items are easier to access. Right now it's more of an Easter egg hunt when it comes time to finding things. Having done this before I know that it will get better as we go but that's of little help right now.

The first night out was terrible. We set anchor on the South side of SharkTooth Island (Hollis Island) which is reasonably well protected from waves except from one direction. No prizes for guessing that the wind just happened to pick up and come from exactly that direction. So the boat was bounced around starting about midnight till early morning when we headed out. The chop was upsetting the girls (all four of them) so I decided to go North to limit the fetch so waves wouldn't be an issue and then we could hoist sail as the wind was perfect. Naturally, when we got to the North side of the Potomac the wind died down. I put up the sails anyway and within about 10 minutes the wind completely died. Well, we were tired from the last nights miserable sleeping conditions to I dropped anchor near the Ruddy Duck, in a very well sheltered area. The wind picked up a bit that night but we weren't thrown about like we were previously. After making coffee and breakfast we set off again. Conditions were cold and generally pretty miserable. I navigated till near dark and we dropped anchor just South of Deltaville. There we played a game of uno, had dinner and had another quiet non bouncy night as we were sheltered in all directions.

This morning I woke up before the Sun came up and started South. We needed fuel so we stopped in at the Horn Harbor Marina. Shortly after leaving there we had engine issues. Same as last time. It would idle then cut our if we wanted more power. Last time it was the fuel pump in the VST that was playing up. I'm pretty sure the same thing has happened again but this time I'm figuring it's just getting gummed up or corroded since it worked perfectly for a long time. The way to test it was to add some cleaner to it and see what happens. I put Seafoam into the fuel bowl and ran that through. The problem resolved instantly. I have no idea how long this trick can be used but for now it will do. The rest of the run was quite boring. The weather warmed up and the Sun came out. We found a place to anchor for the night and will get up early to get past Norfolk and onto the Atlantic Yacht Basin Marina for fuel, showers, water and provisions (fresh meat and produce).

Part of the preparation for this trip was to redo the galley. It was basically gutted and we started from scratch. New faucets (restaurant quick open/close style), a twin sink setup with a garbage disposal unit on the large sink. The refrigerator was rebuilt and a new counter top with a sliding fridge access door installed on the top. The original twin burner stove was removed and replaced with a three burner stove/oven combination. The propane carrier was lowered to accept two 20 pound propane bottles, one for the galley and the other for the hot waster service. Other things that were done was the installation of marine carpet in the cockpit and the inside of the boat other than the head. The head was swapped out for a reliable Lavac system rather than the cheap squeaky Jabsco unit that it had. We put in new head liners and lighting. The galley and the port side both had drawers installed. A total of six drawers which provide easier access to food, tools and clothes. Big thanks to Steve who made those drawers for us. The boat had a lot of rewiring done to make it more convenient to live on. There are now many outlets providing 110 Volts but it seems we need better access to those so more will be put in.

The refrigerator that was rebuilt is working great. It was completely revamped and converted from R12 to R134a refrigerant. The fridge box was cut out to provide room for a dual sink (one with a garbage disposal) and the foam insulation updated. A new digital temperature controller was fitted that allows the fridge to be operated as a fridge or a freezer. Special thanks goes to Eric for his assistance in this project. To be honest I had no idea if it would work. I redesigned the fridge beyond what it was originally designed for. The capillary tube system most domestic/boat fridges use was thrown out in favor of a more commercial system using a TXV. The aluminium evaporator was replaced with a home made copper coil maintained by the TXV. All this was done to make the fridge components last by reducing electrolysis and to eliminate the problems most boats have when moving from different temperature zones. The filter/drier was replaced and a new fan on the condenser installed. As mentioned, I also converted the refrigerant and oil used. So basically it was a completely different system to what it was and no real guarantee this would work. Theory is theory but it doesn't always translate well in application. Luckily for us it works great. We can get the the box down to -13F (about -26C iirc) so can run it as a freezer or a fridge.

I still have the hws to fix. I need to make 3 Volts out of the 12 volt battery system to run the igniter and we'll have hot water on demand. Right now, on demand means that someone demands that I turn it on manually. I still have the lighting to fully complete and a few other little bits but overall the boat is as complete as it will be for a while. Clutter is a bigger issue right now.

The plan for the next couple of days is get South to warmer weather. There is a North wind coming and that will drop temperatures significantly. The further South we go, the less it will affect us.

*end of transmission*