SpazCat in Virginia

Captains log star date 201403.18  We are on the Potomac river at a place called the Tall Timbers Marina. By we, I mean Robin and me, a friend from the Georgia. We'll be picking up another friend in about two days and stopping at his place to do more work on the boat since the cold weather and snow is not good for some forms of work.

The people here are very friendly. We came in during the tail end of a snow storm/wintry mix. The boat was covered in snow and ice, dripping cold sea water onto us that the waves splashed up. We were both very soaked. The owner here let us stay for free, makes us coffee and loans us his truck if we need to get supplies. Really nice guy. His name is Rick.

To all the people I didn't get to say goodbye to, I'm really sorry. Planning a trip by boat that will take 7 months doesn't leave much time for anything at all. We are still fixing up things on the boat, installing things and repairing things. It has to be done appreciate the effort this all takes. You can however know that we were thinking of you while doing the preparations.

How to sail in freezing conditions. Note Mickey Mouse on my coat. This is relevant later in the story.
sailing in the cold on a catalac 8m catamaran

How to prove to the world you are insane while doing it.

Captains log 201403.19

We are currently in a circular orbit around an anchor in Fisherman's bay Virginia about 30 miles North of Norfolk. The name is highly misleading as we have not seen any fishermen at all. Nor have we seen fish. We have however seen and cataloged 6 different types of cold rain.

Bumping your head on a boat is pretty normal. You get used to it in a way. But it's just plain rude to have a bunch of water fall on you because you hit your head. I can't wait to get out of this cold weather. Tomorrows forecast is meant to be in the low 60's (18degC in the real world). It's refreshing to know that we won't be travelling with a boat covered in ice and snow. Speaking of which, releasing mooring lines that have been rained on then frozen is impossible to do without cutting them off. The old marina has some spare short ropes now. I also cooked some impressively disgusting noodles for myself. A third world prison chef would have been proud. Next time I'll make sure I check if the spice bottle has the control lid on it.
Fennel noodles anyone? 

What the hell is that?
frozen compass on catalac catamaran


Welcome to tropical paradise!
Snow on catalac 8m catamaran




 North Carolina