Captains log 201704.23

Another long stretch of time passed before writing an update, mainly because there is little to report. That crazy couple that ran into our boat, lost our bridal and threw the line to me with the shackle attached, well they moved on as soon as the tide was high enough. I tried to contact them by waving and yelling. They saw me, completely ignored me and were out of here as fast as they could go. Did they score a bridal and about 40 feet of 5/8 double braided nylon line? I have no idea. All I can tell you is we no longer have that bridal and line as well as the stainless steel shackle that went with it. Pity, I spent a lot of time making that thing. Doing eye splices on rope that thick which has had a few wet/dry cycles is not easy and now I have to do it again. Luckily we bought 600 feet of line so have plenty spare but I'm not exactly looking forward to making four eye loops.

Our fridge died a couple of weeks back. The fridge lost gas. Initially I thought one of my solder joints failed.Turns out there was a little kink in the copper tubing that just gave out through cycling and while we were loading and unloading food into the fridge bumping the coil. The solution was to cut the tubing, unwind one turn of coil, pass that through the fridge and solder it to the 1/4" return line. Eric left me some of the correct brazing rod that he uses for A/C and fridges but I did have to buy a new butane torch since my old one died back in Colonial Beach. That and R134a gas and we were up and running again. I moved the coils higher up while I was at it which had the added benefit of making it distribute the cold better than before. The original plan was to make it fan forced but I just never got around to it. Now it'll stay as conventional cooling. I also moved the TXV sensor further along and completely insulated it so it would have better control.

While we were in Florida I was figuring I'd get some work, maybe even settle down here. We were debating the hurricane season and the associated issues and switching between staying here or going back North to Virginia. In the mean time a company recruiter found my resume online and asked me to apply. The position was in Seattle Washington and we decided that I should apply, so I did. I got through their initial screening and then had to do an online technical test. As I passed that I was then given a phone interview. It's been a long time since I've had an interview and never a phone interview. My last interview for a job was in 1994. Since then I was always offered a position by people based on my work. I read reviews about the company, some good, some bad and decided that I have way more in common with the people writing the good reviews than the ones writing the bad ones. There were also a lot more of the good reviews and since every single person I dealt with in the company was absolutely fantastic I was pretty sure the negative reviewers had some issues that they projected onto the company. In any case, I was offered a position a couple of days after the phone interview, which I accepted. The offer is contingent on me passing background checks and drug tests, which should be easy since I don't use drugs and haven't even gotten a parking ticket. The position is in a technical role working with all manner of machinery. The interviewers were all there for decades and described the position and what to expect working there. Let's put it this way, if I could choose a job tailor made for me, this seems like it. Mechanical, electrical, CNC, Robotics, hydraulics, pneumatic's, PLC's, design recommendations etc.

The hard part is the logistics. We're in Florida, our stuff is in Virginia. We have no idea if the relocation package covers the boat and if it doesn't we'll have to move it to Virginia first as we're not leaving it in Florida in the hurricane season. If they can cover the relocation, which should be similar to the cost of moving a furnished home's contents, we can put our belongings into the boat and have it shipped there while we drive with the cats. If we go down this path, we will most likely fix the boat a little more, new paint top and bottom and a little tidy up, sail it around what I hear are some wonderful sailing areas there. If they don't ship it, it'll probably mean taking a 10k loss or more on the boat and selling it as is. So we're not that keen on such an option.

That's basically it for now till we hear more.